Lancaster, PA Psychiatrists

Psychiatrist – Psychiatrists deal with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of people with mental and emotional illnesses or disorders. Examples of these disorders include schizophrenia, mood and anxiety, addiction, substance abuse, and sexual disorders.

The Psychiatrist may treat an illness or problem with medication or psychotherapy.

Dr. Bassam M.A. El-Borno, MD
160 N Pointe Blvd # 204
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 560-5600

Coldren Sean MD‎
802 New Holland Ave
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 560-3782‎

Condron Brian P MD‎
790 New Holland Ave
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 390-0353‎

Dr. Mary H. Davis, MD‎
822 Marietta Ave # 31
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 392-7062‎

Dr. Douglas A. Ockrymiek, DO‎
101 Good Dr # 2
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 481-7840‎

Dr. David Petkash, MD‎
555 N Duke St
Lancaster, PA‎
(717) 627-2400‎‎

Powers Stephen L MD: Board Certified Psychiatrist
50 S Broad St # B
Lititz, PA‎
(717) 626-3177‎